ESP Power Cable

Manufactured with state of the art equipment and the highest quality materials, COSCO power cable is some of the highest quality in the industry.


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Suitable for high temperature, high gas applications, commonly used for the construction of motor lead cables.

  • Solid copper conductors
  • Kapton
  • EPDM insulation
  • Lead sheath
  • Braid

Selection of the cable is based on an analysis of a number of factors including well conditions, available space and motor size as follows:

    • Conductor size based on motor current load
    • Insulation voltage rating based on motor voltage
    • Choice of flat or round cable based on available annular space
    • Well bore temperature
    • Amount of gas present
    • Corrosiveness of well fluids

As a general rule, round cable is preferable to flat cable due to undesirable current imbalances that are an inherent characteristic of flat cable. However, annular space restrictions, high gas, or temperature conditions requiring lead sheath insulation protection, often dictate that flat cables must be used.

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