ESP Power Distribution Transformers

COSCO supplies Power Distribution Transformers specifically designed for Electric Submersible Pump applications.

  • Multi-tapped secondary
  • Vacuum oil filled, nitrogen topped, ONAN (Oil Natural, Air Natural cooling)
  • Five-legged shell type magnetic core, to eliminate circulating current within the tank.
  • Exposed bushings (covered bushings are an option), channel iron skid base and lifting lugs.
  • Completely sealed tank design (for longevity), with a bolted cover and side coolers.
  • Off circuit Tap arrangement of up to 25 taps, for accurate secondary voltage
  • Cover to Tank ground
  • Tank Ground Boss with connectors for #6 – 2/0 cable.
  • SS Ground Bar with 9/16″ (14) Dia. Hole.
  • Fill and drain holes (1″ (25) pipe fitting with SS plug)
  • Drain valve and plug (1″ NPS Cast Steel Globe Valve with SS plug)
  • Nitrogen fill point
  • Pressure Relief valve (1/4 ” (6) NPT)
  • Oil Temperature Gauge (Maximum indicating type)
  • Oil Level Gauge
  • Bushings with clamp type connector for #6 to 4/0 stranded copper or aluminum cable.
  • Bushing BIL (Basic Impulse Level) specified upon request.
  • Built to CSA C2-M1991 and ANSI Standards.
  • Internationally recognized Quality Control by ISO 9000.
  • Stainless steel name plate
  • Epoxy based paint.

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