Splicing Tape and Materials

COSCO offers a complete line of the highest quality splicing materials.


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Copper Splicing Sleeves
2 inch copper connectors used for high voltage cable splices.

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High Modulus Tape
Skived PTFE with an acrylic adhesive, primarily used for down hole cable spices with a strong adhesive capable of withstanding high temperatures.

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High Temp FEP Tape
Pressure sensitive FEP tape with a silicone adhesive, primarily used in electrical applications including capacitor insulation and cable termination insulation.

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Sintered PTFE Tape
PTFE tape, sintered with no adhesive. .

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44 Neoprene Jacketing Tape
Plymouth Bishop 44 Neoprene Tape is recommended for use as a jacketing tape on neoprene jacketed cables and for corrosion protection on lead splicing sleeves.

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